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Dark Skies Cinema



From the moment you contact us we will give the best service possible to assist you in delivering the event you want.  

Dark Skies Cinema are a South Wales based company, trading 12 years and are the professionals in providing outdoor cinema experiences, offering Movie Packages and Drive in options to clubs, councils, venues or individuals that wish to have the Cinema Experience outdoors. Our screens range from Fastfold 8ft x 6ft, 11ft x 5ft, 13ft x 7ft all the way up to our monster 35ft x 20ft Inflatable Screen. We offer the complete outdoor cinema experience including a 20,000 lumen HD Projector, full professional Pa System, Film License, Power, Security, Barriers, Seating and even outdoor toilets should they be needed. Drop us a line, come have a chat. We can tailor make the ideal Outdoor cinema experience for your occasion.

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Nexo GEO M6

Yamaha DX Range

Panasonic Projector PT-DZ21KE

 Stage Structure Screen

Self Elevating Screen



We can also provide, power, site lighting, toilets, barriers, security, drive-in sound transmitters, water ballast tanks, seating, staging.


Event Management Plan & Risk Assessments   £80.99+VAT                   

Larger scale events require a full management plan being submitted to your local council,  we will deal with this for you.                                                                                                      

Film Licensing Starting from £170+VAT

Some events will require a license to show a film. The charge varies depending on if you are charging entry to watch the film. On occasions you will be required to pay a % on your ticket sales.                                                                                                                                                                     

Temporary Event Notice (TEN's)  £65+VAT

If your event is for the public then you will require a TEN's submitting to the local council, we will do this on your behalf.                                                                                                        

Site Visit  £50.00+VAT                

If your unsure of how many guests you have at your chosen event location we will do a site visit and discuss your options and requirtements.                                                                      


We have PLI cover for up to £10 Million Worldwide for any activity within broadcasting,entertainment, cinema, theatre and live events.


We will help guide you through the process of putting on a event, we are only at the end of a phone call so feel secure that your in the safest of hands.



Does it need to be dark?

Yes, we suggest that you start your show at sunset, or if the location is shaded then starting a little earler maybe possible.

Can we have sponsors or adverts before the film?

Yes, this is no problem and is a very good way to increase your fundraising efforts. we can show video or slide from various media formats, prior discussion will be required to ensure correct format and quality.

How is the screen weighted or secured?

Our basic quote is done with the belief your event is on grass, thus allowing the ropes to be spiked.  If this isnt the case the alternative options of water ballast or concrete ballast can be used but at an additional cost.


Yes, we require 2 x 13amp sockets or if you have c-form outlets we can use them, we will need to know what you have prior to the event.  If you dont have power then we can cover this with a silent generator.

Can the event go ahead if it rains?

Yes, you will be suprised how many people will still attend & enjoy the show.

Can the event go ahead if its windy?

Yes, the show can go ahead but if the wind speed increases over 20knots then the screen will have to be taken down due to health & safety.

Does a deposit need to be paid?

Yes, 60% deposit with a signed contract and then the remaing 40% 28 days prior to the event.


We will try and give a partial or full refund if you have to cancel or reshedule the event, providing if we can rebook that date with enough notice from yourselves.

Do we need a film license?

Yes, if you go to www.filmbank.co.uk you can apply or we can do this on your behalf.

Can we play music?

Yes, as long as you have a PRS license, this is your responsibilty.

Site Security

We can quote you for this for using either static guards or SIA


Operating an Outdoor Projector



If a projector works well on a screen in a dark environment indoors, you cannot expect it will work as well on the same sized screen outdoors. You will need a brighter projector for outdoor projection! 

Here's why: imagine sitting in a dimly lit theater. You can see just enough so that you can get to your seat without tripping and spilling your over-sized drink. But you can barely see the advertisements projected onto the screen. This is because projection surface is actually bouncing the light in the room back into your eyes, making the movie screen, and the image on it, appear much lighter than when the lights have been dimmed. 

Depending on the color temperature of the lights in the theater, the screen will reflects light-gray or an orangish pinkish color. Now look at the ads on the screen. Notice at that very moment the darkest portion of the projector's image never looks any darker than the light gray color of your projection surface. The blackest black you can see is actually that gray color. When the lights are turned off, and the screen is no longer reflecting ambient light, the projection image reveals deeper blacks. 

Suddenly the projected image quality has vastly improved. The difference you see is referred to as an improved contrast ratio. Outdoor environments often include a number of variables that can negatively effect your outdoor projector's ability to project a high quality image. Moonlight, streetlights, headlights, houselights, campfire light, a late sunset, or even bright starlight can all affect your image. 

Any kind of light will bounce off the projection surface back into your eyes, lightening the appearance of your outdoor movie screen. To pull off the perfect outdoor movie event, you will want your outdoor projection surface to appear black, not gray!


Turn off as many lights as possible. Angle your screen so that the projection surface is shielded from ambient lighting. After you have done your best to control the outdoor conditions, use a bright outdoor projector! The more lumens the better. We recommend: