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A Team With Values

We have made it easy for organisers, and you.

Quite Scary Productions can deal with the Production side of any event, Backline, PA's, Lighting, Generators, Event Lighting, Security (SIA), Barriers, Radio Comms, Staging, Sound Engineers, Lighting Engineers, Monitor Engineers,Beer & Food Wagons, Event Tents, Marquees and much more... while our sister company, Dark Skies Cinema provides the best outdoor cinema experience around.

We also provide Lighting Engineers for Television & Film and have a large client list in this area please check out the IMDB for independant confirmation.


The men behind the machine...

Quite Scary Productions are made up of highly talented people that will provide a proffesional solution to all needs. Behind every well oiled machine is a engineer that loves it and nutures it, making sure everything runs perfectly. That is who we are, but instead of one, you get the whole hog. We love nothing more than to make sure an event happens exactly how it is intended. With no hicups.