Lighting Hire

For PA packages 1, 2 & 3 you can add these basic light packages

12 X LED Par lights + 24 channel control desk
2 X T bar stands
Cables and leads

10 X PAR 64 + 2 X Par 56 floor cans
4 X way dimmer packs
2 X T Bar stands
Cables and leads

All 3 packages with 5m truss and 2 X T bars  £285

We can provide the following, contact us as all events are unique and costs can vary but we will strive to work to your individual budget.

Moving Heads
Robe 1200 ATs
Robe 700 ATs
Robe 575 ATs
Robe 250 ATs

ETC Source 4 J 25/50s
ETC Source 4 Zoom 15/30s
Selecon Pacific
Selecon Acclaim Axial 18/34 & 24/44
Selecon Acclaim Fresnels
Strand Cantata & Quartet Fresnels
Strand Coda Floods
Selecon Lui Floods
Thomas 4 way Cyc & ground row Floods
Parcans of all types including Source 4 pars

ETC Congo
ETC Congo Junior
Avolites Pearl Expert
Avolites Azure
Zero 88 Fat Frog
Zero 88 Leap frog 48 & 96
Strand 200 Series & MX

Avolites Art 2000 48ch Rack
Paradim 24ch Rack
Strand 12ch & 6ch Racks
Zero 88 Alpha Pack 2s & Beta Pack 3s

We have a huge stock of Tomcat 1ft Box Truss and we also
stock Slick triangular Truss.

City colors
400w MBI Floods
400w UV Floods
Outdoor Parcans

We have a huge range of effects from 1m Mirror balls, Lasers,
Pyrotechnics and K2 Projectors to Arcline, Zenon Beacons