Medium profiled roof system
Medium profiled roofs are most frequently bought by our customers. Large choice of configurations, high durability and unusual appearance made them an interesting alternative to gable roofs. The roof is made of Quadrosystem 390. The edge span and main ridge are made of 390 trusses with 3 mm thick wall and towers made of very durable 390 trusses with 4 mm thick wall. The roof main grid with arches is assembled on the ground level and then, they are hoisted on the towers with the use of the hoists. The belts for side and back walls and main grid (the part of the equipment) stiffen the construction, and lines with anchors and ballast equipment prevent from the results of hard wind blows. There is a possibility of fastening sound wings for sound system or LED screen for every kind of roofing. Medium profiled roofs are the most versatile kind of roofing; they are perfect for minor events, meetings, as well as big concerts of well-known stars.

We can provide full tech packages which include PA, Lighting, Generators & Backline in with the Stage and you will be shocked how affordable this is.

Have a Major Rock n Roll setup for a price that will shock you .....

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 Big Top Hire


28 x 28
Tent specifications
Big top tent Dimensions:
Area: 28 metre round big top tent , four king poles, with dome cupola and no quarterpoles.
Seating Capaciity: 500
Standing Capacity: 1200
We can supply tiered seating , ring box and ring fences , flooring , lighting and heating if required.

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